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The Glittery Banana.

A delicacy so rare, they say it grows once every 1000 years on a tree thousands of miles away from home. Some predict that it tastes like a high-class three-course banana meal in every bite, others think it is the fruitiest, sweetest banana a simian will ever get their hands on. Yet, no one has come close to this elusive treasure.

The only path to it is through the haunted grounds of the 5 Godtac islands. They say the grass is greener on the other side, but this green grass is riddled with ghastly creatures, ancestors of monkeys past, who seek another chance at life by infiltrating the bodies and minds of any living being that dares step through their parts.

Join Mullet Monkey, our hero with the most magnificent locks in all the land on his quest for the fruit of his desire. With his trusted weapons, the Holy Bananas, he’s not just looking to survive against the non-corporeal hordes of foes, he’s ready to thrive, cleansing the unfriendly island chain of the evil that befalls it and claiming the spoils of victory on the other side.

Can you help him reach his goal? Or will our hero fall victim to his overconfidence, never to be the same again?

Use WASD to move, aim with the mouse cursor and fire a Holy Banana with the Spacebar. Hit the bridge to the next island when you defeat all the ghosts.


Art: Paul "Paulister" Lambropoulos

Music: Sven Groenwold

Programming: Sven Groenwold, Paul Bekaert, Fraser Foster Dempster, Alana Grant


Mullet Monkey & the Glittery Banana.exe 11 MB

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